Chlorination Systems

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Everyone seems to have an opinion on which is the best method of sanitising your swimming pool and there is a lot of confusing mis-information out there. Chlorine has been used a a sanitising agent for over a hundred years and is overwhelmingly the most popular method of pool dosing and remains the industry standard.

A well dosed chlorine pool will not smell or cause stinging eyes or irritable skin and the water will be sparkling clean and crystal clear. The key to achieving the perfect dosing level is a state-of-the-art automatic dosing system.

The dosing system we recommend is the Bayrol Pool Manager. Bayrol are a company who have been involved in pool water treatment for over 45 years and are at the leading edge of pool water technology. The Pool Manager monitors you pool constantly and will automatically dose the water with the exact level of liquid chlorine, ph minus or plus and flocculant as necessary. This is a high tech solution to pool health and will take all the worry out of your pool regime. Once only the preserve of public pools and hotels etc, these units are now available to the public at extremely competitive prices.

We can install the Bayrol Pool Manager on a new or existing pool for €3550 TTC including six months supply of chemicals (subject to site conditions and location)