Chemical Free Systems

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The 'Holy Grail' of the swimming pool industry is the TRULY chemical free sanitisation system. The truth is that, like the Holy Grail, no one has found it yet. However the technological advances of recent years have meant that there are systems which can produce clean pool water with negligible amounts of chemicals, certainly no more than your average tap water.

At Vendee Pools we have looked at and tried several systems and have been most impressed with the Aligator system from the UK. The system works by charging copper and silver ions in the water which destroy the harmful elements within. Copper has long been recognised as a water sanitising agent, as has silver, and by positively charging the ions in the water continuously, the system kills most of the algicide and most of the invisible pathogens as well. Some chlorine will still be needed but the levels are so low that you will find more in common tap water so you are effectively swimming in drinking water. The backwash water can even be used to water the garden!
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Using the Aligator can not only keep your pool sparklingly clean it can save you a considerable amount in chemical costs over a period of time and it is cheap and easy to install.

We are now offering the Aligator system fully installed anywhere in France at an introductory price of €1899 TTC. Contact us for more details