Pool Maintenance

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Most of us have not had the luxury of a pool in our lives before and for the majority of new pool owners the correct maintenance of a swimming pool is a blank canvas. You will quickly learn that there are many aspects to keeping a clean and healthy pool and that it is certainly not a simple matter. Having said that, like most things, a good regular pool maintenance regime and a little pool knowledge will keep on top of your pool easily. At Vendee Pools we offer maintenance contract that are as flexible as you want them to be. We can either take on the whole job or structure the contract to allow you to do some or most of the work.

Pool water chemistry can be a complex subject, a quick glance at any of the internet forums will show you this. However, the basics are fairly simple. Basically you need to keep the pH or natural alkalinity of the water stable and then ad an agent to kill any bacteria that might form in the water. We highly recommend the use of an automated dosing system whether that be chlorine, salt or chemical free. You can see our options HERE. Dosing manually is difficult and can lead to peaks and troughs in your chemical levels, however in certain cases it can still be done.

Many people with properties in France let them as holiday homes either part or full time and in this case it is especially important that the water is of high quality and healthy. Not only is it the law but it may impact directly on your rental income. it is not really enough to rely on the changeover lady to give the pool a quick vacuum, you need to be sure your pool is sparkling clean and properly sanitised.

We offer tailor made maintenance solutions for your pool. We have a dedicated maintenance team who are familiar with all kinds of pool systems and dosing systems and methods. We can offer a full on cleaning and maintenance contract including 'Spring clean' of the pool, pool covers and terrace, regular cleaning and sanitisation of the pool and Winterisation at the end of the season. Of, if you prefer, you can do some of the work and we can pick up when you are not around.

Please give us a call to discuss your requirements.