Insurances and Guarantees

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It is a legal requirement for all companies involved in trades in France to have ten year insurance, known as 'Assurance Decenniale'. This covers the builder in the event of catastrophic failure but, more importantly, it protects the client in that the constructor is obliged to stand by their installation for ten years and put right anything which does not stand this test of time. This insurance is very expensive and so many smaller companies do not take it out. Remember that you are entitled to ask to see a copy of any companies certificate of assurance if you intend to employ them.

At Vendee Pools our 'Assurance Decenniale' is with AXA Assurance at La Châtaigneraie. We also have a public liability contract which covers us against injury or damage to workers or members of the public during a period of construction.

You should note that it is YOUR responsibility to take out an insurance policy during the period of construction to cover your property against any accidental damage, theft or vandalism.

As you may have seen elsewhere we offer an unprecedented 20 year structural guarantee, 15 years in the case of 'Bluewood' timber pools. All the other equipment we supply carries separate manufacturers warranties. We choose all our accessories on the basis of quality rather than price and most carry generous guarantees. However, we also offer extended maintenance and equipment contract which can offer you complete peace of mind against equipment failure and associated problems.

Give us a call to discuss your particular requirements.