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Bluewood Pools

Although most of the pools we install are concrete we are aware that they are not suitable for every situation. Sometimes timber provides a softer and more sympathetic solution for the site and on other occasions the difficulty of the topography means a timber structure is the best way forward. For this reason we have teamed up with a French pool manufacturer Bluewood, to provide a superior quality timber solution. These are manufactured from the highest quality timber which has been treated with eco-friendly preservatives. This range comes with a 15 year guarantee and a huge range of pool designs to suit your every possible requirement.

Our prices are based on the internal pool dimensions so you can choose a design to suit your garden layout, a landscapers dream! These pools are a very elegant alternative to traditional concrete pools.

Bluewood pools can be installed above the ground, partially in-ground or completely below ground and are made in modules to suit whatever your space and imagination allows.

For more information about the Bluewood range of pools, click on the BLUEWOOD logo for a PDF copy of their catalogue.

Call us for more details and a no obligation site visit and quote.
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