All Inclusive Packages from Vendée Pools

The Homeowners Package from Vendee Pools

One of the biggest problems with any kind of project in France is multi-contracting. Having more than one contractor responsible for the overall delivery of a multi-disciplined project is asking for trouble and complications. For this reason we have put together a ‘turnkey’ solution for delivering your whole pool package.
Our Simple all-in-one full installation service offers the total solution for homeowners in France who are looking for a low maintenance luxury swimming pool with large terrace - complying with all the current French Safety Regulations, and requiring no additional expenditure.

The Total Package includes the following:

Reinforced Concrete Pool
1. An 8 x 4 Metre reinforced concrete wall liner pool.

All of our pools are built using the polystyrene block reinforced system. This system gives huge structural strength, combined with excellent thermal insulation. The pool liner is a reinforced polyester liner of the highest quality with a 15-year guarantee and is widely recognised as the best solution for domestic swimming pools.

Method of Construction

Method of Construction for a Swimming Pool
Pool with Roman end steps
2. A 96 square metre pool surround and Roman End Steps

The terrace is constructed at the same time as the pool, so there is no waiting around for different contractors to start, calculating levels or any other problems associated with using multiple contractors. Another common problem we have encountered is land settlement when there is made up ground resulting in wobbly and uneven slabbing

Our terraces are built to the highest specifications; the reinforcing steel is tied to the pool steel resulting in one solid unit, a sub-base of at least 80mm hard core is first laid and compacted, then steel reinforcing rods and mesh are tied in, followed by a ready-mix poured slab of at least 70mm. This is allowed to set, and then top quality 50x50cm slabs from the
DUBICKI range are laid to provide a safe, non-slip and beautiful finish. Finally the Margelles (coping stones) are laid around the edge of the pool to provide the finishing touch to your dream pool.
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3. Hydrocover Automatic Solar Powered Roller Cover

Pool Security is a major issue in France at the moment, rightly so, but this can be very confusing; many people can be frightened into buying fences when unnecessary, only to find that they still need to have a summer and winter cover for their pool. The Hydrocover roller cover provides an elegant and eco-friendly solution to your security needs. There are no fences, no summer & winter cover rollers, and no storage worries for winter covers. A simple turn of the key and the pool is secure and remains clean - ready for the next day. No other covers or security devices are required.
Astral Automatic Chemical System
4. Astral Direct Injection Automatic Chemical System

Keeping the chemical balance of your pool at the correct levels is not an easy task; a pool requires daily attention and regular testing to avoid disasters. The Astral direct injection system is a tried and tested market leader in the field of automatic dosers. This system has two controllers, one for the pH and one for chlorine, liquid chemicals are injected as required in order to maintain a perfect chemical balance to your pool all year round. The controllers use only small amounts of chemical, so there is no smell or taste, and no danger to those swimming in your pool.
Underwater Lighting System
5. Underwater Lighting System
After long hot summer days with the kids splashing around in the pool all day, continue the enjoyment into the evening on the terrace or in the water, gently floodlit from below.
Pool Filtration Systems
6. Pool Filtration System & Pool Robot

We supply a top quality 1.75 CV pump which is capable of circulating 24 cubic metres of water per hour. The water is pumped through a sand filter filled with glass particles and when used in conjunction with the ASTRAL Automatic Chlorination System, the automatic cover and the pool robot - the swimming pool is virtually maintenance-free. The pool robot operates off the vacuum outlet and is a simple way to keep your pool clean.

Package Price

8 x 4 Metre Pool

€38,000 (ht)

(€45,600 ttc)

Upgrade Package Price

10 x 5 Metre Pool

€43,000 (ht)

(€51,600 ttc)

Planning permission is normally required for the installation of a swimming pool, Vendee Pools will prepare and submit your planning application for no extra charge. Please note that these package prices are subject to site conditions and a site visit.
Prices quoted do not include spoil removal, if there is space on site then we will relocate spoil and level to a reasonable standard but if removal off-site is required that will need to be handled locally.
Price does not include a pool house or electrical and water supply to proposed site of pool house
Pool with Solar Powered Automatic Cover