Removable Pool Abris

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In recent years swimming pool abris have become an increasingly common choice. Prices have dropped dramatically over the past few years due to intense competition and, while an abri is still the most expensive pool security option, you have to balance the cost against the much extended swimming season and the cost savings in pool chemicals, heating and cleaning.

We supply two different types of abri, fixed and removable.
Our lightweight telescopic abris from the KLASSIC range move on a fixed rail and can be completely removed from the pool when required. As they are easily moved by one person they can effectively be used as a security and nighttime cover and can be locked down to give all year round protection. The polycarbonate panels trap the heat and save hugely in pool heating costs and cleaning and chemical costs and can be used all year round.
Sample Prices for Telescopic Abri:

KLASSIC PRO B - Internal Measurements 428 x 846 €6800 TTC

KLASSIC EXCELLENCE C - Internal Measurement 504 x 1063 €10,800 TTC

Prices quoted include delivery but not assembly or installation. Prices for installation from €600 depending on location. Abris delivered flatpacked.
Sample Prices for Fixed Abri:

Each project is different but as a rough guide an abri for an 8x4 pool with a span of 7 metres would cost around €16000 including installation.

Please consult us for more details
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Our fixed abri range is suitable for all sizes of pool up to 10 metres span. Built by Abri-design in France, these buildings are beautifully manufactured and installed and allow ease of movement around the pool with full height interiors and have several different opening configurations which allow for full security with access to the open air at the same time. As these structure are custom built they can be made to suit any pool location whether free standing or straddling existing walls etc – ask us for details