Covrex Pool Covers

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Covrex are the Belgian manufactures of high quality pool covers. The difference between these pool covers and those offered as standard in France is that the slats are foam filled which offers a number of advantages over air filled PVC slats.

Firstly, air filled slats can easily be damaged, commonly by heavy hailstones but also by other objects falling on the pool cover such as tree debris or pool toys etc. COVREX foam filled slats will not be damaged by these objects.

The second common problem associated with hollow slats is displaced end caps which can be knocked off by contact with pool margelles, rough usage, people knocking into them etc.. and this also compromises the buoyancy of the cover.

COVREX slats cannot be damaged in this way as they have no end caps and, because they are foam filled, can be cut to fit EXACTLY to the contours of your pool for a much more elegant and stylish finish.

A further advantage of the COVREX system is the improved buoyancy of the cover and the superior insulation qualities of the foam which will keep in your expensive heated water much more efficiently.
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