Winter Covers

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When it coms to locking down your pool for the winter you want a cover that is strong enough to withstand winter gales year after year, heavy snowfall and falling objects and yet light enough to be able to handle AND allows through rain but not dirt. This is why we only supply ONE winter cover, the Loop-Loc.

Most winter covers are little more than big tarpaulins with straps on the side to tie down and some holes in the middle to let the rain through. Some are better quality than others but few come close to the Loop-Loc. The Loop-Loc cover is made with a dense weave which blocks out virtually all sunlight while still allowing standing water to drain through. It is also incredibly strong so also doubles as a security cover for your peace of mind AND it can be adapted to any size or shape of swimming pool.
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The Loop-Loc cover is incredibly strong and will last you for many years, it will not tear or rip and it comes with a unique, easy to use fastening system AND best of all, it s priced lower than any comparable cover in France with prices starting at
17 per square metre ex delivery and installation.

Visit the Loop-Loc website by clicking on the logo below.
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