Pumps and Filtration

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All of our pools and pool systems utilise a traditional configuration when it comes to cleaning your pool. However, we are always on top of the latest methods and kit to optimise your equipments performance and, of course, this is our interest as well. We attend the annual European swimming pools shows at Lyon and Barcelona and are always looking for innovative ideas and improvements that can benefit our customers. At the same time we are very much aware that experience and good practice in the manufacturing process can not be bought and for those reasons we have sourced what we believe to be the best products on the market for domestic swimming pools.

PSH have been manufacturing pumps for 100 years in Barcelona. Initially producing commercial pumps for all sorts of industrial applications, this family business has an unrivalled pedigree in the pump business. When the idea of domestic swimming pools was born in Spain in the 1960's, it was PSH who met the demand and they have developed and innovated since then. Such has been the success of their swimming pool pumps that the industrial side of the business has been allowed to wither and they now focus exclusively on producing pumps for the pool industry.

These pumps are designed and built TO BE USED. All our PSH pumps come with a 5 year guarantee, not many pumps will offer you this. You can certainly buy cheaper but you will be buying again in a few years time... remember, one thing in life is sure apart from death and taxes, you get what you pay for....

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For your pool filtration we recommend and supply only the traditional 'sand filter' type system although sand is now rarely used as a filtration medium. However, the principle of passing the water through a large body of small particles which effectively trap the dirt and algae in the pool water has never been surpassed and remains the industry standard. There are all sorts of variations using paper cartouches and fibre filters and many others but these are just low cost variations on the optimum method so why bother? Modern filtration media can filter your pool water down to 0.02 of a micron, no fibreglass or paper cartouche can come close to this and there is no manual cleaning or hosing down involved, a simple backwash once a week will keep your pool in tip top condition.

Our sand filters are supplied by PPG (Pollet Pool Group) and are made from one piece moulded polyester. This is very important in a sand filter which operates day in and day out under extreme
ly high pressure where the water will always seek out the weak point in the pressure vessel. A cheap seamed unit will eventually fail under sometimes catastrophic conditions. Our units will not and we offer guarantees to give you peace of mind that they will not.