Pool Cop Automatic Pilot

Pool Cop is a revolutionary new product that takes the concept of a ‘low maintenance pool’ to a new level. There are other automatic multi-valves on the market but the Pool Cop not only controls the filtration and backwashing functions of your sand filter but it can also incorporate and monitor any automatic dosing system (salt, chlorine, ionization, oxygen, ph etc etc) and administer the chemicals as necessary.

It can also control the water temperature via your heating source and keep it at your required constant temperature and even keep an eye on the water level of your pool and top up when necessary!

Whats more, with the option of the
Pool Co-Pilot you can monitor and control all of these functions from a web based control panel which can be accessed from any internet enabled device anywhere in the world or can be managed on your behalf by experienced pool managers.

A massive load off your mind if you are managing a commercially let property!

Although it sounds complicated it is all based on tried and tested pool technology all cleverly brought together in one unit by Pool Cop FR, a young and dynamic French company.