Filtration Media

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Traditional sand filters work by passing the pool water under pressure through a vessel filled with sand. The water forms hundreds of tiny channels through the sand and any small dirt particles in the water get trapped in these channels by the sand. Eventually all the channels become blocked and then it is time to flush out the dirt by 'backwashing' the filter vessel. Some of the dirt will stay lodged in the sand and eventually the sand will lose its efficiency and will need to be replaced. Normally it is recommended to change your sand every three years.

Each grain of silica sand is .2 of a micron in size and so that is the smallest particle of dirt that can be trapped. ZEOLITE s a naturally occuring volcanic mineral which, under a microscope, looks like a tiny bees honeycomb. It can filter particles down to 0.01 of a micron and is therefore far more efficient than sand at cleaning your water and it only needs to be changed every 5-7 years.

If you are due a change in your sand filter then you should consider switching to ZEOLITE, you really will notice the difference in your polished clean water.


Zeolite replacement for 400mm sand filter
149 TTC
Zeolite replacement for 500mm sand filter
199 TTC
Zeolite replacement for 600mm sand filter
249 TTC

If you want us to empty, clean and remove your old sand and replace with Zeolite there will be an additional labour charge of
150 TTC